I configured Entity Translation so that content and taxonomy terms can be translated. Then I created multiple taxonomy vocabularies, added fields, created terms etc.

Now I want to translate the terms, so I went into the ET settings for each taxonomy vocabulary and deselected 'hide language selector'. Now I can edit any term and change the language from 'language neutral' to 'English'.

But when I save the term, any translatable fields (name and description) are wiped out. If I change the term back to 'language neutral' the fields are still wiped; the content is gone.

For non-translatable fields that I added, the content stays in place.

This doesn't happen to me when translating nodes. If a node is set to 'language neutral' and I change it to 'English', all the fields retain their content.

Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks.


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Can you check whether the values are in the DB with language code different from the one you would expect?