I have been uploading some files and have over 150 of them done and just now noticed they were renamed to something I do not like. Is there a way to rename the files or part of the files. for example I wanted the files to be
the jim and johns podcast 01.mp3
but they were renamed to

is there a way to get these files renamed to

I did not know "the" "and" were being filtered out.

How can I fix this?

Thank you.


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Part of the problem is that you probably have cleanup using "Pathauto" and(or) "Transliterate". I (usually) disable both of those for the filename but at least enable pathauto for the path. Personally, I would recommend not having spaces in the file names. Unix based systems tend to deal with spaces in file names rather oddly from my experience.

While there's no easy way (that I know of) to rename existing files, you can at least check those settings to keep it from happening in the future. (I too wish there was a way to rename on the fly :-/ )

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Actually there is a way to rename existing files, it's Retroactive updating, it's a checkbox on the Content type.

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@Deciphered you are correct! I wasn't thinking about "mass renaming" when I made my comment earlier. I guess I was on the page of an individual basis, not across the board.

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@philsward :) Being the developer of the module helps :)

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