When we initially installed and setup the module we were able to upload a default thumbnail in the field_video settings. We have the module pulling thumbnails, the user can choose either one of those or the default thumbnail.

At some point we decided to change the default thumbnail, unfortunately once removed we can no longer upload or otherwise add a default thumbnail back to the field. This is enormously inconvenient, why can't you adjust default thumbnail after data is in the field?

Thank you


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Are you receiving some kind of error?

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Is the Filefield Sources module installed on your site?

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No error message, no log entry and yes we have the fieldfield sources module installed.

Running OpenPublish distribution with Video 7.x-2.9. I don't think the distribution has any effect. I created a new content type, field and used video, we had no problems setting the default thumbnail when no content was in the field. Once content is present we can't change otherwise you lose the ability to use default thumbnail.

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Could you try to disable the Filefield Sources module and see if changing the image works ?

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That solved the problem. Disabled FFS, added the thumbnail and turned FFS back on.

It would be REALLY great if we could either select the default for the field, select a thumbnail created OR upload a new thumbnail. Sometimes the thumbs created are really bad but we don't have another option other than the default (now, thank you). If you can direct me to where this handled I can probably write a patch if its possible.

Thanks Jorrit!

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