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My project was recently approved, but I can only create release branches for D7, despite appropriately named branches for 5,6, & 8.

Project Application: (small project, approved as a single use project only, not full 'new project' access rights.


<chx> file an infrastructure issue
<chx> has nothing to do with approval
<chx> this is simply a bug
<chx> and one i cant fix for you
<chx> yeah, so your issue is, "Can't create release nodes despite branches exist"


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The add new release page shows a 6.x-1.0 tag which the project doesn't even have. I suspect something got out-of-sync.

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I added a 6.x-1.0 tag, and now have a 1.0 release.

The dev branches don't show, and I noticed that only the 7.x branch shows up on the 'default branch' tab.

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