Here is one fork of addressfield on github the author is Adam S
what this module does is if you select any point on the map and click on 'Look up address of marker' then all the fields of address fields are populated!!!!!.
there is a small problem with this module i.e is it is not able to set the country field, if you refresh the browser then the country field is set, but other fields are gone.

This is picked up from here
The author is not coder and not having java or ajax knowledge. but still he has done an excellent job
How ever if some can just remove small bug in the module it will be great tool for useful reverse geocoding
can some think like this implemented in geonames field?

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

sorry I had to be gone for a while, if you or anyone can replicate this and show it on a public website we can try to fix it. I'm marking this as closed.

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I have done some tweaking on this. this is working.
if you plan to implement this I can share it to you on public domain with exclusive access the site isn't open as of now to public.
it really works great

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Status: Closed (cannot reproduce) » Active

+100... this would be extremely helpful for my projects

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so the goal of this issue is to fix a bug or to implement reverse geocoding on geonames field? in any case please provide the steps to get to your scenario.

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Sorry... here's my situation.

I have a website which deals with several thousand nodes, representing worldwide locations. I need correct addresses for these so I'm using the addressfield module.

However, addressfield only uses list values for countries and for states/provinces of some countries. Apart from this it's free-text, so people enter data which isn't very consistent or clean.

I then use the location-taxonomize module to generate terms from the addressfield data - but as above, it's not very consistent.

So from my point of view it would be great to have users start with a geonames field which would then populate the addressfield and thereby the location vocabulary.

Let me know if this is better placed in a separate issue - but I saw the title "populate addressfields" and realized that it's just what I wanted.

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sorry still don't get it, I understand you want to keep your countries and provinces consistent, which is part of the goal of this module; but I have never used the addressfield module. as far as I understand what you want is:

  1. when editing content, user will find a province from a geonames field (which also includes country)
  2. once user chooses a province, the addressfield values for province and country are populated automatically (why repeating fields?)
  3. after that, country and province are stored on a taxonomy vocabulary (repeating again???)

you may know that geonames field actually stores on database, so I'd just simply disable country and province on addressfield and let it on the geonames field.

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@adam_b that is the exact problem i have created this issue

@Cristhisn , this is not an issue of geonames field, but a feature request as either plugin to this module or as an additional module , This I have requested because of your ajax skills (chosen ajax).

here I am attaching the zipped file which works great.user need to find his exact location on the map and double click
. you can see all the address fields are populated, unless the user is clicking on some remote hills. How ever this can be prevent by field validation module and set what ever field required and force user to selelect a populated area.

I wanted to make "only map" to be visible and totally hide the addressfield fields (All input fields and the lat lon fields ).That will be cool.
only problem with this module:
1:if you put in field group them the map pictures are misaligned
2.if you keep the input fields visible and enabled chosen then the country field will not be changed on input, but once you save then correct country name is saved

Otherwise it works great
the author of this module is :Adam S he never released this as module

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not that I don't want to help, but it sounds like something very apart from this module, and also it seems more like personalization than feature for general purposes. in any case I would expect a live and running version of the app, I can't make a fresh drupal installation for each issue to try to reproduce everyone's scenario.

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Pl ignore this

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this is for you to test you can register here and check
this is not a production site you can play around

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permission to anonymous is given you can check by click add new content