I have a block which I want to style the background ... it works but after I made a change the class changes too and I have to recreated the style definition.
For example, I have a background:url definition for
#block-views-fullcalendar-view-block.block.block-views.block-odd.block-count-3.block-region-content .block-inner.clearfix .block-content.content
I made some change (not sure what) and "block-odd" became "block-even" and "block-count-3" became "block-count-4"
Is there any general style I can apply which will not be changed when the block changes? From what I can see it is not possible to use a wildcard such as
#block-views-fullcalendar-view-block.block.block-views.*.*.block-region-content .block-inner.clearfix .block-content.content
I'm really a hacker as far as css is concerned so forgive me for my ignorance. Is this at all possible?