i'm trying to generate breadcrumbs for a taxonomy view that lists child terms from a hierarchical vocabulary as linked 'folders' in a page display, and direct child nodes of the term as linked 'files' in an attachment display (attached to, and below the page), with the parent term as argument to the view.

i'm using CB with default settings. for node pages, i added the vocabulary name to the breadcrumbs with a 'Custom Breadcrumb for Taxonomy Vocabulary'...



...this is working fine; 'sjn' is the second crumb after 'Home', and links to the root of the taxonomy.

term pages (pages that list only child terms as links, and/ or child nodes as links, generated by my view) only have a 'Home' crumb with the default settings, however. so i created a 'Custom Breadcrumb for View' with Taxonomy tokens...

Views Path:



...this is not working as expected. for the root taxonomy page and all term pages below, the crumbs are (literally)...

Home › [vocab] › [cat]

...with '[vocab]' linking to <domain.tld>/sjn, and '[cat]' linking to <domain.tld>/sjn/[catalias].

for the root taxonomy page, i expected the crumb...


..., for a term page below that, i expected...

Home › sjn

..., for a term page below that, i expected...

Home › sjn › <parent_term>

..., and for a term page below that, i expected...

Home › sjn › <parent_term> › <child_term>

...and so on. it seems the Taxonomy tokens are not resolving, or am i missing something?


  • by <word>, i mean a string variable; it reads something else on my screen, without the angle brackets.
  • by [word], i mean a string literal; it shows exactly the same on my screen, including the square brackets.
  • context: Drupal 6.16, Token 6.x-1.19 (Token actions and TokenSTARTER disabled), Views 6.x-3.0, Pathauto 6.x-2.0.


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this issue may be caused by the 'Argument: Taxonomy: Parent term' i use in my View. i have another one that uses 'Argument: (node) Taxonomy: Term ID (with depth)'.

with this view, taxonomy tokens are resolved correctly in the breadcrumbs, but the complete breadcrumbs trail is...

Home › sjn › <current_term>

..., which is not what i'm after; i'm using the current term as page title on term pages, and would like all parent terms (and the vocabulary name) as breadcrumb trail.

because i can't find an '[all_parent_terms]' token in the list of Placeholder tokens, or don't understand how to accomplish what i'm after in the 'Custom Breadcrumb for View' settings, i deleted my 'Custom Breadcrumb for View' and tested on with both of my Views and the default CB settings. the results are in issue #1913200: taxonomy breadcrumbs not working for view with parent term as argument?.

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Issue summary: View changes

corrected 'Custom Breadcrumb for View' settings; added an extra term level to the expected breadcrumbs example; updated Pathauto version number;