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it would be great if you added in the Spark distribution modules like Media module-Media Gallery version 2.


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Cross-referencing #1787854: Integrate a media solution of some kind into Spark. Maybe a [META-issue] "Have a built-in media solution for Spark" should emerge?

What about #1773748: [meta] Media + in-place editing?

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Any news regarding when Spark will include media integration?thanks

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Yeah it is a important thing to integrate media module in Spark. I will setup now my homepage based on Drupal 7 with Spark.

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Yes, unfortunately we don't currently have a media/asset management plan for spark that I know of. (I'm working in the Spark team). We are currently focusing on building out and cleaning up Drupal 8 features as well as backporting existing Drupal 8 features to Drupal 7. That does not cover media management.

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Issue tags: +Spark media

Add media tag.

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During the backport of edit module the Scald module team has done some work to integrate with edit. Should be working with in-place editing.

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