Images in node gallery are displayed in several places on my site and require different display sizes than the module provides. I would like to use my own image style but I'm not given that option in the dropdown in views. How do I do this? Thanks!


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This module use File Entity module to do the formatting. Go to Structure, File Types, and click Manage File Display next to Image. The are four Node Gallery view modes for full display, thumbnail, cover and admin thumbnail (used on Manage and Sort forms). You can change the image style used for these modes on these forms.

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I have the same problem. I understand your solution zengenuity. Bit I really do not want to overwrite the custom modes that come with the module since theyr are needen elsewhere. All I need is to add an additional mode for a view on the front page with smaller images. Isn't it possible to simply add another view mode to the existing ones?

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Have you found a solution to create more than 3 presets ?