Error messageNotice: Undefined variable: smalltouch_landscape_options in at_core_page_layout_form() (line 561 of [path]\sites\all\themes\adaptivetheme\at_core\inc\forms\

This is when loading the settings page of Pixture Reloaded. I wanted to use the 'recommended release' but Pixture Reloaded would not save settings and when I searched on the error, the recommended action was to install the dev release, which is no problem.

Except the dev release throws this error on the settings page now. Set priority to minor, as it seems to be only visible to admins on the settings screen.

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Clear the cache, it should work. However if the settings are not saving you have another issues - are you sure they are not saving - what do you mean by this?

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Some more info, here's a screen shot of the Pixture Settings screen, it looks like Smalltouch Landscape got lost in the next tab down, Panels and Gpanels?

Perhaps this issue belongs in Pixture Reloaded, if so we can move or delete and recreate.

Thanks for the follow up!

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That screen shot is from

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Did the undefined variable issue go away when you cleared the cache and saved the theme settings?

The screenshot is correct - "Smartphone layout" (the tab) contains settings for the main page layout, what is showing in the screenshot are the Panels/Gpanels layout settings, here you can set what you want to happen with those.

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I replaced the existing core theme 7.x-3.1 with the 4.x dev version and I got the same error:

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

Well, assuming fixed now, been a while and most of the teething issues with upgrades and using different versions have been ironed out etc.