Hello all,

I have downloaded the very cool adaptivetheme drupal theme and his subtheme corrola. I have copied this last into my theme directory and renamed it. I would like to customize some functions. So I have written in template.php but those functions are not executed.

For example, I would like to overload the breadcrumb function and a function located in the getLocations module.

I tried : mytheme_getlocations_info($variables), mytheme_breadcrumb, adaptivetheme_mytheme_breadcrumb...

The hook does not seem to work.

Someone has an idea please ?

Thanks all,



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Category: bug » support
Priority: Major » Normal

getlocations_info() does not sound like a function you can override, isn't this just an ajax callback?

theme_breadcrumb() is a theme function and you have the naming convention correct - themeName_breadcrumb, you need to clear the cache for Drupal to see this function in template.php