Hello everyone,

I am sorry for this hurry... but I am in big troubles coz I gotta deploy the website today.

There is something i can't fix. When an applicant applies for a job, the Recruiter or Job admin receives the application, but when this profiles (or any...administrator even) goes to see the profile, I receive a message like:

recruiter/resume/56 not found

The number is related to the number of user. Why can't i see the profile?? I need this... otherwise this distro is useless if recruiters cannot see profiles.

Thanks and sorry for the hurry!


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And BTW, there is no way to delete profiles!!!

If you go to resume administration, how can you delete resumes?? There are some users that I removed with the Resume still on!

Any ideas??

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I figured out what is going on...

When you go to Resume Administration and click on a resume...it goes to this URL: mywebsite/resume/11 (if it is the user number 11)... this page is not found. The URL where it should go it's mywebsite/profile-resume/11!! There I can see all the resumes. I should find a tpl.php where this path is called, and change it.

Another bug I found is this one:

When you delete a profile, the list of resumes in Resume search is not updated. So you can delete a user, and his profile and it remains in the Resume Search section!

I tried to re-index and refresh and flush caches...and...and...

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

hi, please help us keep the issue queue productive & professional. multiple exclamation marks won't make others help you faster.

regarding your report, the standard behavior of Recruiter uses website/resume/[resume-id]. i just verified that it works on a clean installation.
you can also test this against our demonstration site: http://drupaljobs.epiqo.com/recruiter

a known troublemaker though is #1888378: Permissions have to be reverted manually after installation.


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I'm sorry for my way of writting. I was in a critical situation and at that time I did not receive any help.

The troublemaker you've mentioned was the cause of my fault and now it's fixed.