Hi, by submitting this issue, i would thank you for your work: d7 was missing something more then simplenews and something less then civicCRM (exemples among others).

I'm not a PHP developer, so i can't help more, but i experienced this:
Create a newsletter, send it to a mail subscribed (me as test), i recive an email with some tokens (working) like site:url etc, while in the [repeat] section it gives just empty token tag:



no nodes tokens were linked
then I tried many attempts on a test site:
first time it worked, showing the right links,

then i just translated the english lines (no tokens modified),
create/send again: empty tag as in blockquote.
i tried by disabling editor, checking if tokens was right, nothing again
I tried installing 7.1 dev version

I'm missing something?

I installed 7.2 but i encurred in critics php errors -

EntityMalformedException: Missing bundle property on entity of type newsletter_template. in entity_extract_ids() (line 7633 of /home/test/public_html/newsletter/includes/common.inc). -

, but maybe because something of 7.1 version was still in database. I will try with a new installation on v2
By the way, integration with views would be cool ;)

Thank you