The image for each of the blocks at the bottom (location-google-map.jpg, clock.png, phone.png) are not displayed. Had a similar problem with the winter_sermons.jpg, food_pantry.jpg, childrens_church.jpg images on the Homepage panel/page. I was able to fix the problem on the Homepage by setting Drupal to use clean urls. However the images on the 3 blocks still do not appear. The images appear as outlines with the red 'x' in the corner. If I right click and display properties, Windows shows the Address:(URL) as http://localhost/openchurch/?q=profiles/openchurch/images/clock.png. Had issues with install (time limit exceeded) even though I had made the recommended changes. By restarting the install, was able to complete successfully.

Thanks in advance.


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Have discovered that if I update the blocks, the images now appear. Any explanation?

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I am not sure why you would see http://localhost/openchurch/?q=profiles/openchurch/images/clock.png as the image url. That is strange. I have pathologic enabled by default which fixes some image paths by default. You can always manually fix the paths by removing ?q=. I haven't seen this issue before, I think you can just manually fix these.

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Status: Needs review » Closed (works as designed)