Hi Drupal-fans,

I would like a user to confirm his e-mail-address so that I can use it for e-mail-marketing.

  • The user fills out a webform including his mail-address
  • he receives an e-mail with a confirmation link
  • after he clicks the link, his webform-result will receive a "flag", that says "e-mail-confirmed"

I tried http://drupal.org/project/webform_confirm_email, which only allows me to send mails from within the system. But I would like to use another mail-system.

To make it short: I'd like confirmed mail addresses to be flagged as confirmed.

Any help is appreciated.


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Any ideas?

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I'm also interested in this. Please let us know if there is any Drupal option without having to subscribe to a 3rd party service.

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Took me some time, but I managed to get this feature working. Might be definitivly better, if webform_confirm_email would implement this directly, thus I'll add a feature request there.

My workaround uses a hidden form element that stores the confirmation, and a rules-event that updates the form element.

And I patched webform_confirm_email to remove the useless abuse-link. If you are interested, I'll document my code.

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Hi musikpirat,

I am interested in your code. Can you please provide it? I will agree with you that this should have been implemented in Webform Confirm Email.