Module documentation mentions that Google API requests are cached so as to adhere to Google's Quota policy, and I see the setting for cache length on the module's settings page, where the variable google_analytics_reports_cache_length is set... however, I don't see this variable being used anywhere in the code... is caching actually operational for the 7.x-1.x version of this module?

Specifically, I want to know if caching is automatically hanlded when calling google_analytics_api_report_data()?


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Yes, it's on line 147.

You can also verify this by examining your cache table:

mysql> select cid, from_unixtime(expire) from cache where cid like "GAFeed%" limit 5;
| cid                                     | from_unixtime(expire) |
| GAFeed:0065b25e133360f74f3cfe708a04ad91 | 2013-02-01 08:31:14   | 
| GAFeed:0208d6a9409ed0047aef95a55c42bf12 | 2013-02-01 08:05:22   | 
| GAFeed:0ca7254c3e1b37f843464af89b3962e4 | 2013-01-30 17:38:46   | 
| GAFeed:1eb83c7d8e4a16e5e3fb4a7045df1bdd | 2013-01-31 12:54:01   | 
| GAFeed:1f8b3efeb1cfcea88cddfb9e9e660d31 | 2013-02-01 08:05:19   | 
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Ah, I missed that line, thanks.

Still, I'm not seeing any GAFeed rows in my db's cache table (this would be the default cache table that's just called 'cache', correct?)... have tried the 1.x branch and the 3.x-dev. Any thoughts?

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