We're using Video with filefield path and filefieldsource.

Everything's working fine on a test server - we can manage video like 250 Mo using fielfieldsource with Video.

The prob is that, on a qual and a prod server, since the last upgrade of video, we've a message, when we're creating an video content, telling us that the video file is too heavy.
But everything is working fine on the test server, same drupal configuration.

No error messages are logged into Drupal.

Should it be something around the user or www-data group ? I feel something that around ? Which linux user is video using to write video files into the webserver ?

Any help or idea welcome
Best regards

PS : Filefieldsource and fieldfilepath are used with other module and files fields in the same webserver, everything work great, so the problem is not on their, but really around video


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What is the exact error message?

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Hi :)
The message is "The file is 205.54 MB exceeding the maximum file size of 2 MB."

It makes no sense, as with another sort of content, using a file field, I can upload some files which are 56 Mo via filefieldsource.
I have that problem only on content type using the video field type :(

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The maximum file size settings are set per field. Are you sure your video field has the right settings?

Do you have the FileField Role Limit module on your site?

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No maximum file size settings for that video field.
it should use the one thats is into the php.ini (2Mo) except that FileFiled should overall that limit (and does it on some other simple file upload)

No FileField Role Limit on my site

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Another strange thing : video is making an "original" repertory just near the thumbnails repertory where the thumbnails are created and saved

In this /videos/original, i can find videos that I was trying to attach to my content...

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Where have you set the overall limit?

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There'is no overall limit : the benefit of filefieldsources is that one can attach a file that was uploaded before via FTP on the server - so with filefieldsources there is no limit

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I've made a copy of my running website to the server where I've that problem, in order to have the "old" website not working and a version that was supposed to work as it was working on my test server.

Got now that error (on video files only) :

The file permissions could not be set on public://videos/original.

File public://file_attach/videos/dan.mp4 could not be copied, because the destination directory /var/www/html/fonds/fichiers/videos/original is not configured correctly.

the right of the directory that is mentionned are.
drwxr-xr-x 3 bu www-data 4096 janv. 29 14:17 videos

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Well, it work when I'm administrator only - the prob should be simply on the roles...
Stay tuned i'll post pore information ASAP

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Status: Active » Fixed

Was the role.... Administrator role can, the other can't for the moment...

I'm a fool

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)
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Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

Reopening - there is still a prob, that is that only user 1 can use that tool...
Still can't undersand that...
Any help welcome

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