I was using Masquerade on a local dev site a few months ago without any trouble. On a staging site, when I "mask" as another user, even one with full admin rights (which are most of them right now, as we're doing a final round of bugfixes before betatesting), I seem to get logged out entirely. (Anonymous users have a distinct Main menu, as we're making heavy use of Content Access controls.)

The Masquerade block is in the footer without any roles restrictions; at admin/config/people/masquerade, "administrator" is the only box checked, and I haven't changed anything at admin/people/permissions#module-masquerade (see attached).

I've tried adding masquerade/unswitch to the Main menu (we're not using the Navigation menu), but it doesn't appear under any circumstance I've been able to conjure up.

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FYI, downgrading to 7.x-1.0-rc4 fixes this issue.

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typo fix

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I am having the same symptoms.
Downgrading resolved it as well.

I think the problem is the use of a Single Sign-on Service.
Hopefully, (not confirmed) in the same vein as described here: https://drupal.org/node/1813696

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so probably better to close this one as duplicate?
#1813696: Set/unset Session flag when masquerade status changes. really lacks of reviews to be fixed