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Are you annoyed by getting your own post's email notifications on d.o?
This is a exported filter for marking your notifications as read and moving them to archive.

- Edit YOUR NAME, YOUR@EMAIL.COM and YOUR_DRUPALORG_USERNAME and save as an .xml file.
- Go to Gmail -> Settings -> Filters -> Import filter and import your .xml file.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><feed xmlns='' xmlns:apps=''>
	<title>Mail Filters</title>
		<name>YOUR NAME</name>
		<category term='filter'></category>
		<title>Mail Filter</title>
		<apps:property name='from' value='YOUR_DRUPALORG_USERNAME ('/>
		<apps:property name='shouldMarkAsRead' value='true'/>
		<apps:property name='shouldArchive' value='true'/>
mailFilters.txt726 bytes

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