As many of the demo sites mentioned for Recruiter are German speaking (like I assume there is a German translation of the most important terms available.

Unfortunately I don't manage to install it. My Drupal has "German" as the default language and I tried to install anything which related to i18n and l10n, including the module. Just even the most basic pieces like "What" and "Where" and also the menu items such as "My resume" remain in English.

Am I missing the obvious?



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Hello TorstenS,

I've spent one week translating the "visual" terms of my website to spanish. I tried all the possible stuff to do it automaticaly, and I didn't find how to do it.

So for what you want to do.... you should go menu by menu, taxonomy vocabulary, profile type, fields collection, etc... activating the Multilingual option. After that, there will be a new tab where you can translate all the terms you need. For taxonomy, you can export csv and import the terms again... you can read documentation about it.

I don't know whatelse I can tell you to help... but it is really a headache for me.

Good luck!

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Hi oglok!

I can see your point, just as wrote:

It DOES exist in German, as you can see on the sites that use the software.
Maybe the folks from equio who developed this hold back the German translation only for paying customers.
In that case it would make sense to create an own open translation and contribute it.

At least none of them seems to be monitoring this back tracker here.


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Most of our translations are site-specific, that means they are different even between German sites that we build.

You can contribute to the general translations at and . See

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as klausi stated in #3, currently we consider translations site-specific (for example austrian german vs german german). still we are planning to use the localization infrastructure for establishing a default german translation set in the medium term.

in the mean time feel free to contribute your translations by following the link stated in #3

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