I am just working on a website for a practice for prenatal classes.

First period starts on 20. Feb. 2013 and ends on 03. April 2013. The following period starts on 09.April and ends on the 21. May -- and so on... Content is similar on all periods - therefore I want to create only one event....

Is there a way to add several periods on (repeating) event series?


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Solved as follows:

Divide Course Description and Event date in two content types.
In content type 'event date' add a entity reference field which refers to the content type 'course description'.

Use Automatic Nodetitles to name the 'event date' nodes formatted as a date string.

Add a corresponding view that shows the event dates underneath the course description.

Modify the view of the calendar that it shows the nodetitle of the course description.

So you can act much more flexible than it is possible with the periods management inside the module.

Perhaps this will help someone.

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