I was having a project developed in OpenChurch. I made changes so that the project fits my church's needs. I am still playing with how to upgrade openchurch, and come up with some error. I was trying to update the distribution and drupal core. First, I used command 'drush dl openchurch' and it works nice, upgraded openchurch to 7.x-1.11. But the drupal core is still at 7.12, and I want the core to upgrade to 7.17. Then I use command 'drush pm-update project drupal-7.17'. After upgrading, the drupal core seems to upgrade successfully, but openchurch is broken. I open my site and it shows drupal components well, but page content is empty, and a message saying 'The requested page "/openchurch/" could not be found.'. As shown in the image below:
error page

May I know what might go wrong and how to fix it?

Capture.PNG19.13 KBhuangqi
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I am able to restore my site as I made backup before this upgrade. But I am still curious what is the correct way to do Drupal Core upgrade and why this error might happen.

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You don't want to do drush up on OpenChurch. If you do you have effectively forked the OpenChurch profile. The best way to keep the site up to date is to re-download the latest version of openchurch and replace everything but your sites folder. I try to do OpenChurch module updates once a month or so. If you want a newer version of a module you will want to download it to sites/all/modules and then clear your caches. This is the best way to stay on the OpenChurch upgrade path.

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I see. Thanks.

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