As one of the maintainers of Advanced Forum, I've been asked quite a few times to give examples of sites which use the module.

This is a request to users of Advanced Forum (and to the other maintainers), to help assemble a list of sites which use Advanced Forum. People are usually interested in 'large sites', but any examples we can give are good; I'm certainly interested in quality as well as quantity / size.

If you're happy for the information to be public, please reply to this issue with any details you care to share of your implementation - e.g. URLs, but perhaps also any implementation details you think may be of interest to other users of the module, and particularly people researching the forum options for Drupal. Let us know if you're using D6/7 etc.. and what other modules you've combined with AF.

I'm happy to be contacted privately if you'd rather not shout the details from the rooftops (and will obviously keep any details shared in this manner private).

As well as helping us provide some public information about who uses Advanced Forum, and how, this might help us as maintainers; it would often be useful to be able to contact people running sites on AF when we're researching bug fixes or improvements to the code.

So, this is your chance to show off your AF site... please share and enjoy!


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Here's a start:

I find a lot of them with this Google search