I am assuming it works for most of you, to export settings on one site and move them to another. For me, it is not, so I'm trying to determine why.

One idea: I am using a custom grid, and had my custom grid selected under the "original" site. Does that affect anything?

Otherwise, here is what I'm doing:
- Export settings from my 'original' site (I will attach them here if that's helpful)
- Copy/paste those settings over to my "new' site's .info file
- Clear cache
- Revert Theme Settings on 'new site'
-Clear cache

Nothing seems to change. I should have my Zones and Region settings carried over, my CSS files toggled, my Fluid and Normal settings, etc. But nothing happens??

sample-export.txt16.33 KBminneapolisdan


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I am experiencing the same issue.

In case it matters my theme is stored in a profile/{profile_name}/themes vs sites/all/themes or sites/{domain}/themes