Here is my issue, It's weird because I get no error message.
I updated the colorbox module to version 7.x.2.2. Colorbox didn't wanted to work anymore.
I did update the library to version 1.3.27 and I got this error
Then I uploaded the ultimate version 1.3.28 and the error message went off.

but the issue persist and I'm not able to open pictures and videos in color, both in views or in nodes. links open in the same windows.

I tried to install the dev version of colorbox but I didn't change anything.

I use: jQuery 1.5.2, colorbox's last library 1.3.28 and colorbox 7.x.2.2, the colorbox plug-in is detected...

I post here since I don't have any idea from where could come this problem. I'm available if you need more information.
Thx for your time !


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The Colorbox plugin latest version is now 1.3.29, you can test that first.

I have no problem on my sites but I don't use the jQuery update module like you do to get later versions of jQuery.

If updating the plugin doesn't work I'm pretty sure going back to the jQuery version that comes with Drupal core will fix the issue. But I guess you need the later jQuery version for other functionality on your site.

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1.3.29 works now.

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Status: Active » Fixed
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I do have a similar problem. It has also started with colorbox 7.2.2. The dev version dosen't solve the issue.
It only happend when I open a colorbox with colorbox node. No javascript errors displayed. The colorbox modal get the overlay and open the small loading modal. Then it get stuck there without enlarging and loading the target node. It seems to be stuck in an infinite loop making crash the browser.

drupal. 7.19
jquery = v1.4.4
colorbox module version = latest --> "7.x-2.2+1-dev"
jquery.colorbox.js version = latest --> 1.3.31 (same thing happend with 1.3.23)
color-node version= latest --> 7.x-2.6

Thank you.

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If your problem only happens when using Colorbox node I think that modules issue queue is a better place to post your problem.

And please don't hijack old issues that has been solved or closed.

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Thanks for the quick feedback. Yes it only happend with colorbox-node. Ok I will look there.
Concerning the hijack I'm not very sure about the best practices. Too me it make sense to related a problem to something very simiar and recent? Does the best practice handbook says not too?

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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i had the same problem. My problem was on the version of colorbox. I used a older version and the problem was solved!