I'm using a multi site installation of Drupal. On my server, I have VM with database, Drupal installation, reverse proxy and all of this works with a CAS authentication.

Because of multi site installation, I have to comment le cookie_domain variable in the settings of both my sites. But if I comment it, when I wanna use ckfinder to put pictures in textarea, I have an error (see attach file).

I have it on Firefox and IE, I put another attach file with the firbug network on to show you what's causing the trouble. In my opinion, somewhere in ckfinder, there is a looking for something in the cookies and it's thinking I'm disconnected so it's reconnecting me (but it's doing it wrong).

Do you have any idea ? And I've already try the dev version and I've the same issue.


ScreenShot130.jpg94.97 KBSamael27
ScreenShot129.jpg17.14 KBSamael27
ScreenShot128.jpg55.99 KBSamael27


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Up ?