The date used in the footer is static text. When you load the theme, the footer lists "2012 Your Site" regardless of current year and site name.

The attached file updates the page template file. Applying the patch gets me some whitespace errors, but the patch still functions fine and it updates both the year (to current), and the site name (to $site_name).

This is my first patch so any assistance correcting the whitespace errors would be appreciated.

  • The patch uses an IF to account for any site where the $site_name isn't completed, however it appears this variable cannot be empty.
  • The date used does not include a start date in addition to the displayed date (e.g. 2009-[date('Y')]. If this is simply indicating the current date that is okay. However, if this is to be tied to a statement of copyright/copyleft, it should include the start year (e.g. 2009).
date-sitename.patch1.21 KBmfgink
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The whitespace issues are because your patch is using tabs. Everything in Drupal should indent with two spaces, no tab characters. (Many code editors default to tabs.) Also check to make sure you're using Unix-style newlines rather than Windows-style, if you're on Windows. That's another common source of errors. (Most good code editors can be set to use Unix-style newlines. Yes, Windows can't even use the same newline character as the rest of the world. But that's OK, Mac classic used a different one, too. Life is hard.)

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I tried creating a sandbox with the latest release of Drupal, pulled the latest skeletontheme code, and attempted to create a re-roll of this patch from scratch in Vim. I got the same whitespace errors. Is there something wrong with the original file?

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

Whoops didn't mean to change the status.

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Just committed this change

Thanks mfgink, Crell and bbinkovitz

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.