May be I missed something. I have 1 content type with 2 date fields.
I want a week or a Day calendar with a box stretching form the date field 1 to the date field 2 (in the same day).

This works perfectly when there is 1 field with the starting and the ending value.
But with 2 fields, how can I tell to views to use one field as the starting time, and the second field as the ending time ?

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ok, after reading the calendar_plugin_row code, this is not possible.
I wrote a patch allowing to use 2 fields. In fact, personnaly, I'm not using a field form the field module, but using a field defined by hook_data_view. But both types of field data works with this patch.

In the Calendar entities parameters, you can choose the starting and the ending fields.

It is not perfect, but it works for me.