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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

We grow your digital business

Adapt is a digital agency, that unites business know-how, design and technology. We have designed web solutions for public and private clients since 1998.

Digital experts

We create solutions tailored to your business. Our method involves a curious approach to your business and your audience. Our goal is to increase your digital potential by implementing digital tools that create value for your audience.

Permanent Teams

On a daily basis, we ensure close client relationships based on mutual chemistry. We provide you with a fixed Client Team who knows your business, your vision and your history. The team is led by a Project Manager, and includes backend, frontend, UX, design and insights.


Our development team is proud to be part of the Drupal community and is continuously involved in developing new modules and contributing to the core of Drupal.

International Perspective

Adapt has offices in Copenhagen, Boston, Barcelona, Berlin and two offices in Lithuania. With 100+ employees around the world, we think business on a global scale and will uncover the global potential of your local business. We work local and think global to help companies reach the right audience.

We look forward to learn more about you and your business!

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Drupal contributions

Adapt has developed a UNI•Login module integrated with UNI•C's (Danish IT Centre for Education and Research) single-sign-on service with Drupal autencification of users.

Danish school teachers and students canv now use their UNI•C login on the NTS Center's website.

Adapt has also developed a WAYF module integrated with WAYFs single-sign-on service with Drupal user-authentication of users.

This means that when a user is already logged on the intranet, the user is also logged into the Drupal system. Now the user doesn't need to log in with a new username and password, as the module allows to use a single login to access several web-based services.

Projects supported

Commerce Enchanced ECommerce, Commerce choose price, Commerce choose price old, Search API Solr Booster, Commerce shipping GLS, Adapt Core, Media Skyfish, Clerk IO, Entity reference viewmode selector, Ajax form confirm, Commerce Multivendor Shipping, Commerce Checkout Information, WAYF.DK Login, Unilogin, Commerce Product Option

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