Have an issue where there is a node with a repeat rule that has a date for every Monday of every week. There is also view that should list out the latest events from now. However, this one node is displayed more than once in the view list which I don't want.

I tried using Distinct query, did not work. I tried grouping the dates display, but while it showed only the first date, it still showed multiple instance of the node in the views query.

To visualize this better, here's the problem http://womensmuseumca.org/. The Book Arts Classes is only 1 node, but it displays more than once on the latest, which is not right. How do I fix this so that views recognizes this as the same node and displays only once?

What I want to happen is for Book Arts Classes to display once with the date to display Monday, January 28, 2013 - 10:00am to Monday, May 27, 2013 - 10:00am ? Sort of got the display going with the calendars http://womensmuseumca.org/calendar-events/month/2013-02, but not on a normal views list. Why is that?

Shouldn't there be a condition for distinct nodes in the views? Is that possible?


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DId you ever get this resolved? If so how?

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Having the same issue, any movement on this from anyone?

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This seems to work:

Add a Filter for date_field_delta and set it to Less than or Equal to 0 (<= 0)

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I have a similar problem. Filtering away repeats as per blackdog's tip helps in a way, but it also filters away articles and events with dates that are not repeated.
I had to create another content type - "Event" (shown on front) and "Event not front" which is not shown on front. Then I can create the first date of the event using "Event", and apply the repeat rules using "Event not front".
Kludgy, but it works for me...

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This would be useful, though ideally, I'd like it to show only the next event in a repeating sequence. I have an event that runs all week. When I reach Wednesday, I don't want it to show Sun-Tues, only Wednesday.

This post seems to hint at a solution:
How do I make the node view of a repeating date event only show the specific date of the instance I'm viewing (for Drupal 7).

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#5 Does that solution work with this issue? I still haven't completely figured out this issue since http://womensmuseumca.org/owl/events this is still displaying the node more than once if the event happens in multiple days.

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@ goldlilys, sorry I don't know, I'm using Drupal 6.

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We have events, some repeating over many month.

In a monthly view we want to show in Views each event only once, where repeats are shown from 'now'; later works well, in a line or list.

Delta doesn't work, as some are > 0 in particular monthly view.

We tried distinct and unique in views SQL settings, no luck.

Views Distinct = luck!

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In Drupal 6, in Content Types, Manage Fields, the options for Display Fields I think includes one to display only the next date.