I get the following error:

An AJAX HTTP error occurred.HTTP Result Code: 404Debugging information follows.Path: http://beta.vestamager.dk/install.php?profile=openchurch&locale=en&id=1&... Not FoundResponseText: No input file specified

It comes at the end of the install process.

I can't figure out what's wrong. My php-settings seem to be correct according to other similar issues.


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I have now tried several times with out any positive result. From the error page (attached) I can go to the site and the message "Notice: Undefined index: distribution_name in drupal_install_profile_distribution_name() (line 207 of /home/www/beta.vestamager.dk/includes/install.inc)." is shown.
Theme and modules are not activated. I can activate the theme. When trying to activate modules I end up with a white page and the message "No input file specified."

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I am updating OpenChurch to enable db log by default so that I can have people report errors. If that was enabled you would be able to give me the specific error from the "watchdog" table.

The typical problem that makes the install bomb out is not having enough memory. Please verify that you have at least 512M of memory. You can usually override this in your settings.php if you do not know how to edit php.ini. Let me know if you have checked the memory.

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Hi and thanks

My webhost only allows memory_limit up to 256. I'll give beta4 a change to see if that combination will work.


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I guess the problem lies with my webhost.