I am relative noob when it comes to D7 and drupal.org, so apologies for any deficiencies in issue etiquette, I will of course provide any missing information if/as required..

When I try to Add content > Gallery I have no save or preview buttons as I have with other content types.

Here is my drush output for the module and dependencies:

Drupal                                  7.19               7.19               Up to date                                         
File entity (file_entity)               7.x-2.0-unstable7  7.x-2.0-unstable7  Up to date                                         
Media (media)                           7.x-2.0-unstable7  7.x-2.0-unstable7  Up to date                                         
Media Gallery (media_gallery)           7.x-2.x-dev        7.x-2.x-dev        Up to date                                         
Multiple forms (multiform)              7.x-1.0            7.x-1.0            Up to date


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Is this still an issue for you? If so, which theme are you using? Do you get any error messages?
There are some theme issues with media_gallery - maybe thats here also the case?

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (cannot reproduce)