when i have a productive page online and a local copy for development, i will somewhen have to merge the databases. When the database for orders, customer profiles etc. coud be outsourced, this progress of updating the online page would be much easier. Is there a way to to this or another good practise for this problem?



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You can use Migrate & Commerce Migrate to import orders regularly from an external system.

The development / staging / production development is a generic Drupal problem with many documented approaches and solutions elsewhere, so I won't repeat that.


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I too have been trying to find the best solution to this problem. I came across this article, but maybe somebody with more MySQL knowledge than myself can tell me: if I implement this method, will merging the database dumps of two forks of the same database (i.e. prod containing new order and customer data with dev containing new configuration settings) work successfully as long as both forks do not change the same database tables/lines?

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I think doing anything on the mysql level is a disaster waiting to happen.
Everything you do needs to go through the API.

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