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The documentation for Radix has been moved to

This simple guide will help you get started with theming using Radix.

Step 1: Create a Radix subtheme

Option A: Create a subtheme using Drush (Recommended)

  1. Make sure you have drush 5.x or newer installed.
  2. Download the latest radix: drush dl radix; drush cc all;
  3. Create a subtheme: drush radix "My Subtheme"

If you want to use a Bootswatch theme, you can use drush radix "My Subtheme" --bootswatch=NAME_OF_BOOTSWATCH_THEME..

To see more options available run drush radix --help.

Option B: Create a subtheme manually

  1. Get the latest Radix
  2. Copy the default kit and place it in your themes directory.
  3. Rename default to YOUR_THEME_NAME.
  4. Rename to
  5. Edit Add a name, description and comment out the line hidden: true.
  6. Open both template.php and theme-settings.php and change every occurrence of {{machine_name}} to YOUR_THEME_NAME.

Step 2: Styling with Sass

  1. Using a terminal, cd to the root of your subtheme and run the following command: bundle. Install bundler if you don't have it on your machine.
  2. When bundler successfully completes, run the following command to watch for changes: bundle exec compass watch.
  3. You are now ready to start making Sass changes at /assets/sass/:
    In your theme folder, you will find a _variable.scss partial under assets/sass/global/. This file holds all the SASS variables used in the theme. You can customize your theme colors and config from there.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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I just downloaded the latest Radix but I don't see radix_starter anywhere. I'm trying to do it manually without drush. Is that possible?

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I've updated the documentation.

Arshad Chummun
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erok415’s picture

I've followed your instructions and can't create a subtheme.

$ drush --version
drush version 5.0-dev

$ drush
Other commands...etc
Among others, radix is shown in the list of other commands.

Each time: $ drush radix [subthemeName] is run, The drush command 'radix' could not be found. is returned.

Yes, I've run both $ drush cc all | and | $drush cc drush

Please note that this is on a Pantheon site that has been git clone to my local. There isn't a db hooked up locally as this is a Pantheon site.

Please note that I have installed compass_radix as a gem and have git cloned the compass_radix to the extensions directory inside of the radix theme. With or without the radix/extensions/compass_radix directory, $drush radix does not work.

Ain't it great....!

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There isn't a db hooked up locally as this is a Pantheon site..

You need to make the db connection to make drush work.

Arshad Chummun
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Are you saying it's not possible to use $ drush @pantheon.[projectName].dev radix "[themeName]" either? Because that also doesn't work. How do you make the db connection for instances like this?

May I ask how you've subthemed using Pantheon? I can only assume that you've manually subthemed Radix as this currently seems to be the only way to create a subtheme if $ drush radix "[mythemeName]" doesn't work.

PS. Thanks for the help.

Ain't it great....!

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At the risk of sounding like a me too post, I have the same problem when I try to create a new subtheme. "The Drush command could not be found' Yet I see that radix is listed in the drush help file.

I'm using drush 6.2.0 and MAMP so I have a local database. I didn't have any problems making a subtheme when I was using alpha2 but It's been a couple months so my memory of how I got it to work is a bit foggy. Is it something to do with new version?

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I think it was something to do with me being on OS X Mavericks and a recent reinstall of my operating system wiping out some of my drush settings. The solution I found to get drush working again was to run drush as integrated php:

sudo nano ~/.bash_profile
alias drush='/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.3.6/bin/php /usr/lib/php/pear/drush/drush.php'

See this thread:

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I'm attempting to make a radix subtheme, but I'm getting the following error.

Syntax error: File to import not found or unreadable: bootstrap.
	Load paths:
	on line 17 of /var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/compass_radix-3.0.3stylesheets/_compass_radix.scss
	from line 19 of /var/www/sites/all/themes/[subtheme]/assets/sass/screen.scss


require "compass_twitter_bootstrap";
require "compass_radix";

environment = :development

http_path = "/"
css_dir = "assets/stylesheets"
sass_dir = "assets/sass"
images_dir = "assets/images"
fonts_dir = "assets/fonts"
javascripts_dir = "assets/javascripts"

output_style = (environment == :development) ? :expanded : :expanded
relative_assets = true
line_comments = (environment == :development) ? true : false


# Dependencies
gem "compass_twitter_bootstrap"
gem "sass-rails', '~> 3.2"
gem 'bootstrap-sass', ''

 source ""

Any thoughts?

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I had the same problem and the following fixed it for me:

If you don't have the bootstrap-sass gem installed, do that first.
$ sudo gem install bootstrap-sass

Then just add the following to config.rb before the compass_radix stuff:
require "bootstrap-sass";

However, it did uncover another issue with compass_radix_responsive import line. I got the following error when I import that file:

>>> Change detected at 11:54:46 to: ie7.scss
   create assets/stylesheets/ie7.css 
   create assets/stylesheets/ie8.css 
   create assets/stylesheets/print.css 
   <strong> error assets/sass/screen.scss (Line 20: File to import not found or unreadable: compass_radix_responsive.</strong>


Using sudo for compass clean && compass watch fixes the compass_radix_responsive import issue.

$ sudo compass clean && sudo compass watch
   remove .sass-cache/ 
   remove assets/stylesheets/ie7.css 
   remove assets/stylesheets/ie8.css 
   remove assets/stylesheets/print.css 
   remove assets/stylesheets/screen.css 
>>> Change detected at 12:33:04 to: ie7.scss
   create assets/stylesheets/ie7.css 
   create assets/stylesheets/ie8.css 
   create assets/stylesheets/print.css 
   create assets/stylesheets/screen.css 
>>> Compass is polling for changes. Press Ctrl-C to Stop.
>>> Change detected at 12:33:26 to: partials/_layout.scss
overwrite assets/stylesheets/screen.css 
>>> Change detected at 12:33:38 to: partials/_layout.scss
overwrite assets/stylesheets/screen.css 
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Im having a problem with installing rubygems and compass radix, well basically it doesnt download either from a git command .... and since i want edit a subtheme i managed to create with the rest of the instructions, i get this error .....
"It looks like sites/all/themes/my_subtheme/assets/stylesheets/screen.css has not been created yet. Run compass watch in your theme directory to create it."
so thats where im at really ..

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I followed the drush instructions and got a list of errors starting with
[error] Source directory /www/ is not readable or does not exist.

No folder has been created.

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If you falled to
npm run setup

Please check if you can reach bower, event after installed it using:
npm install -g bower


$ bower
-bash: bower: command not found

Problem is the bower after installed we cannot reach it because of wrong PATH. Please set installation path first:
npm config set prefix /usr/local

Then install bower again.