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Last updated: January 22, 2013 - 22:48

Release notes

Plupload integration 7.x-1.1
- #1895328 by larowlan, slashrsm: Fixed Security exploit in plupload external library examples folder.
- #1230632 by -enzo-, slashrsm: Fixed hard-coded file size limits.
- by slashrsm: Fix CodeSniffer errors.
- #1827368 by Kevin Hankens: Fixed Use standard language when validating files.
- #1565898 by slashrsm: Create docs for Plupload element usage in README.txt.
- #1111036 by slashrsm: Blacklist script extensions if 'allow_insecure_uploads' isn't set to TRUE.
- #1426088 by slashrsm: Anonymous User can't upload.

Security warning:
Plupload library includes potential security risk. In order to secure your site please remove "examples" folder from librarie's folder. See and for more info.

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