Hey Drupalistas!

Do you know http://test.drupalskills.org ?
It's an online Quiz focused on Drupal, where you can Test your Drupal Skills :)

A new Quarterly Test has just been published, with brand new questions.
What are you waiting for? Compete for the highest score!
Go to http://test.drupalskills.org and become the ranking leader!

Already a Drupal ninja? Suggest your questions for the upcoming quarter by filling in this form http://survey.corsidrupal.it/en/content/challenge-competitors-test-your-skills-drupal-suggesting-question-and-possible-answers


steve sebastian’s picture

Wow that's a good one, thank you for sharing this stuff.

Aniamaclain’s picture

This one so nice for drupal developer i try this and i really get for own sparking thoughts for growing in drupal development thanks for sharing this one also use in development little one but is so informative for me

Ania MAclain

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deepikaa’s picture

It's good , but why it will ask me to signup if I already login to my drupal account.I thought it allow drupal users directly without one more login..

sushantpaste’s picture

Its really nice way to test Drupal Skill :)

EddieN120’s picture

Pro: it's always a good idea to try out your skills, because it acts as an incentive to keep those skills sharp.

Con: Not everyone has a Facebook account, and some of those that do will not want to use their Facebook login anywhere else but Facebook.

pmarciano’s picture

Hi Eddie,
you cal also login creating a drupal account on the website http://test.drupalskills.org/user/register so not obliged to use fbook account (it's an option).
Instead I find very useful the suggestion about logging via drupal.org account, I'll update you about this issue.

Thank all for the support,

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