Hey Drupalistas!

Do you know http://test.drupalskills.org ?
It's an online Quiz focused on Drupal, where you can Test your Drupal Skills :)

A new Quarterly Test has just been published, with brand new questions.
What are you waiting for? Compete for the highest score!
Go to http://test.drupalskills.org and become the ranking leader!

Already a Drupal ninja? Suggest your questions for the upcoming quarter by filling in this form http://survey.corsidrupal.it/en/content/challenge-competitors-test-your-skills-drupal-suggesting-question-and-possible-answers


steve sebastian’s picture

Wow that's a good one, thank you for sharing this stuff.

Aniamaclain’s picture

This one so nice for drupal developer i try this and i really get for own sparking thoughts for growing in drupal development thanks for sharing this one also use in development little one but is so informative for me

Ania MAclain

deepikaa’s picture

It's good , but why it will ask me to signup if I already login to my drupal account.I thought it allow drupal users directly without one more login..

sushantpaste’s picture

Its really nice way to test Drupal Skill :)

EddieN120’s picture

Pro: it's always a good idea to try out your skills, because it acts as an incentive to keep those skills sharp.

Con: Not everyone has a Facebook account, and some of those that do will not want to use their Facebook login anywhere else but Facebook.

pmarciano’s picture

Hi Eddie,
you cal also login creating a drupal account on the website http://test.drupalskills.org/user/register so not obliged to use fbook account (it's an option).
Instead I find very useful the suggestion about logging via drupal.org account, I'll update you about this issue.

Thank all for the support,

stevekeiretsu’s picture

It would be nice if this offered some way of choosing which version you were tested on. I found many questions about d8 which I haven't moved to yet. Still got 10/10 by guessing but it would be more useful right now to be able to select a d7-based test.

nazura’s picture

Thanks already test Drupal Here

Mantic0re’s picture

very useful source, thanks

reklamnetwork’s picture

A nice way to Drupal skills test.