I have added search facets to the first sidebar for collections to be the same as the "All Items" product listing. Of course, all four columns of products no longer fit. I've used CSS to shrink the container, and I've changed the image size to fit the smaller dimensions.

However, I can't seem to find where in the code the "clear: left" is being set which breaks the output into rows of four items. I'd like to change that to three items. Where would that be located?


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ARGH! Another one of those issues I could work on for a day until I ask the question - then I get it!!!

Fixed through CSS:

I have a CSS I'm including at the end so I don't have to hack the theme CSS. So first I nuke the column break on four column:

.products-per-collection li.views-row:nth-child(4n+5) {
  clear: none !important;

...then I insert a break on three columns:

.products-per-collection li.views-row:nth-child(3n+4) {
  clear: left !important;

Works GREAT! Thanks, me!!!

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