for my need in a site project, I have had to use your lightbox2 module to zoom in the Youtube Thumbnail getted with the YouTube Field module.
So I have extended your module to be compatible with this kind of field and wanted to share this new feature.

Changes on lightbox2.module :

Line 809 : if (module_exists('image')) -> if (module_exists('image') || module_exists('youtube'))

Line 816 and 821: 'field types' => array('image') -> 'field types' => array('image', 'youtube')

Line 968: added following code :
       switch($instance['widget']['type']) {
  case 'youtube':
$id = $item['video_id'];
$youtube = variable_get('youtube_thumb_dir', 'youtube');
$item['uri'] = 'public://' . $youtube . '/' . $id . '.png';
$item['title'] = "";

I don't have created a patch yet but I can if there is an interest to this feature.


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An exemple of a site using this feature wiil be online soon

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