I have the following issue when using the adaptive theme with the "Sky" subtheme. The following notice appears on my home page, which is a simple panel that shows the most recent node of a certain content type:

Notice: Undefined variable: pane_prefix in include() (line 30 of/home2/cmccully/public_html/wildcatreview/sites/all/themes/adaptivetheme/at_core/templates/panels-pane.tpl.php).

Notice: Undefined variable: pane_suffix in include() (line 69 of/home2/cmccully/public_html/wildcatreview/sites/all/themes/adaptivetheme/at_core/templates/panels-pane.tpl.php).

My home page is at wildcatreview.org.


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Also, I'm using the "Mobile Theme" module to display this theme only on mobile devices.

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

The prefix is set by Panels module, AT merely overrides the template to alter the markup.

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I don't get this error with my non-mobile theme, only when viewing the panel with AdaptiveTheme, so panels aren't getting along with Adaptive for some reason... of course, I have a limited understanding of what's going on here, but would sure like the problem to go away. Any suggestions?

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Status: Closed (cannot reproduce) » Active
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I've got the same issue
Notice: Undefined variable: pane_prefix in include() (line 30 of /.../mysite/sites/all/themes/adaptivetheme/at_core/templates/panels-pane.tpl.php).
with Page Manager or Mini-Panels.
What could we do please ?

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Please see my answer in #2 - Adaptivetheme is not setting this variable, Panels module does this, the code in adaptivetheme/at_core/templates/panels-pane.tpl.php is basically identical to Panels module for the pane prefix and suffix - I can never reproduce this based on what you are telling me because there has to be some other reason why you get the Undefined variable problem (I can't guess what it might be).