hello and thanks for this module
I use it in all sites that i build.

in spanish translations we have a problem with moderation. many strings are waiting for moderation. i think that your module can help a lot if it had included the option to moderate at the same time you are translating.
normally i moderate strings on the modules that i am going to use in http://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/es/translate
but it is slow to find which module has strings to be moderated.
i dont translate there because i would have to wait for a moderator to accept my translation, or do it twice (one there and one on my server).
so i use your module to translate that for me it is better than localization server because i can see the context for the strings and also translate the ones that i need.
also many people only translates on their site with localization server or your module to send translations to the server but they are not moderated and even very similar translations are made waiting for moderation.

thanks a lot for your useful module :)


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Hmmm that would require either some dialog between l10n_client and l10n_server or a secret token appended to the API key. I need to look into that.

Just so you know, not everyone agree on that, for example the French team requires all strings to be validated by someone else if possible.

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@SebCorbin thanks for your answer.

my English is not that good and i didnt explain well.
lets try again :)
i am an Spanish translator and moderator (Spanish is easy to write, so you can get easily to be a moderator) and a Catalan translator.
we, in the Spanish and Catalan team, make the same as the French: one person translates and, later, other one moderates/approves.
in Spanish and Catalan there is the problem that people translates but then it can be for 2 years until someone moderates.
i have been thinking how to resolve that.
i think your module has been a big tool for translators to collaborate.
also, it is pragmatic. in drupal there tones of strings to translate and your tool makes that the more used/needed get translated (admin/site builders know english. you have to translate what the client needs).
so i was proposing to make the tool also for moderators (experts on the language).
i think it would make a big change (maybe i am wrong...)

i hope this time i explain better :)
thanks again to your generosity towards other languages :)