hello all
I saw this site http://bootswatch.com/ with Free themes for Twitter Bootstrap and I'd like to install them
I can do it?
using http://drupal.org/project/bootstrap ?
but where the downloaded files should be placed
thanks to all


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Bootswatch are not Drupal themes so you cannot install them in Drupal. They are also not theme at all, they provide the css styles that you then have to apply to your own theme.

There is a link on Bootstrap theme's page to instructions of how to create a sub-theme (you can also find videos and instructions to do this by searching the documentation and google), and then you can modify the Bootstrap sub-theme you created by adding the styles from one of the Bootswatch css files.

Basically, you will need to learn how to theme Drupal if you want to use Bootswatch or similar.

Hope that helps

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can be done
please see my site http://appsphp.net/drupal/
i have used amelia,i replaced css and added less in Bootstrap Library

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would be great to get a step by step to convert http://bootswatch.com to drupal....

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