I've looked all over the place, and can't seem to find a solution for this. I have several multigroups in a certain content type. When a user adds a new value to one of these groups (for example, a status update with a date), I'd like the new field to display on the top of all the others when you view the node. It can manually be dragged each time to achieve this, but I'm looking for an automatic way so users don't have to drag it every time they add something.

The default display automatically puts new fields underneath all the others, unless you physically drag it to the top in the node edit form. Any insight on this would be great, I've been stuck on this for a while.

(I've tried the "patch" at http://drupal.org/node/1642348#comment-6176852 but it only inverts the fields in the node edit screen, and doesn't actually post them that way)


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Component: Usability » content_multigroup.module

Updating to the correct component. Still haven't found a solution for this, so any help would be great!

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Bump. Still looking for a solution for this. This is a needed feature for our site. To clarify a bit further:

Basically, users can type in an "update" for our event nodes, which triggers an email for anyone subscribed. We want the newest updates to display above all the old ones when the node is viewed - without having to manually drag them each time. The default behavior puts them below all the existing items. This is for a Multigroup field - with a date and text area.

Is there any way to just reverse the deltas for that field when you view the node??

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I know this is a year old, but I'm also interested in finding a solution to this. ekidman: did you ever find a solution/fix? Our old d6 production site is needing a new multigroup set of fields and having new values added below creates problems for displaying the most recent fields added inside a view.

the fact that there hasn't been anything for a year, makes it seem like this is not possible with d6?

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Manimal, no I never found a solution. It's still something I would like to be able to do, and you'd think there would be some way to do it, but I never found it. I just had to train users to drag their new fields to the top every time they add one, which is quite a pain. If you happen to find a solution, can you report back here and let me know?? I would still love to fix it.

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ekidman, I'm actually surprised anyone responded, let alone so soon after my post.

dragging seems to bring up another bug that I'm about to take a look at and see if that's workable. I really hope I can find a solution, and if I do I'll post something up about it (either the instructions or a link to them.)