First off al I like to say that I'm have read the tutorials and did some research on internet but after a few weeks I don't see where I'm going wrong.

I'd like that somebody gives me the answer on what is wrong, please don't shoot me if it's something stupid ... :)

Here we go

Steps that works
1) LDAP Configuration
 LDAP People
LDAP Groups

2) LDAP Servers
Binding Method
Binding User
User has admin rights on LDAP
Admin Rights

3) LDAP user to Drupal user relationship
Base DN's
Name of Group Object Class
Name of Group

4)Test User
Test CHW79
I guess so far so good :)

5) LDAP User whitelist

6) Strategy Group Entries
The point where I'm losing it
I think I need Strategy II.C because people are put into groups an not viceversa
Strategy II.C

7) Role Mapping
I choose the abbreviation
I know that the choosen name isn't very logic but this is only a test

8) Test Role Mapping
I guess (and I can see in People on Drupal) that CHW79 has no Administrator rights but is created in Drupal ... So conclusion Role Mapping isn't working authentication YES
Test Role Mapping
Please help me :)

Like I already said it is a test and I hope to help other people with this issue

The absolute 'getting there point' is that Drupal creates the users in LDAP but I understand that this one has to work first...

Thank you very much for input

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Groups gave me a huge headache, too. :)

In the "Strategy II.C." section, did you try ou=groups,dc=addressbook,dc=local (without the cn=Registered part)?

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No i'm going to test tomorrow

Thx for the input ;)

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It is not working :(

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Anyone ?

I'm out of trails :)


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I would strongly suggest 7.x-2.0-dev or 7.x-1.0-dev for strategy IIC. Also make sure you have use first attribute value checked if your mapping is Registered|Administrator. In the tests, check for case sensitivity also.

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Johnbarclay !!!

You made my day ... I've used the 7.x-2.0-dev and everything is working ...

So people please read this !!!

Johnbarclay my next question is how can I register users in LDAP.

I don't see how this ca be done ... If you want me to open a other 'issue' please tell

My Happy !!!

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