Hi, im reading the issue queue up and down for half a day now and found a lot similar questions but no answers.

I have setup up a content type with a image field (multiple values) and a field for Embedded Media Field + Media: YouTube (also multiple valued).

Then i created a Views Block (Slideshow, of course) to be displayed on each Node an show the attached media. This works fine for both of them, the video and the images are nicely shown as a slideshow. But 2 Slidehows on one node are'nt really nice. I like to combine them. For example showing 3 images than 2 videos attached to a node one after one in the same slideshow.

My question now is: has anyone achived this till now, or is this even possible with views_slideshow + emfield?

Thanks, N20


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Any success with this?

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I am very interested as well..

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I'd be more tempted to use a tpl file and include jQuery Cycle or whatever JS lib. It'd be slightly easier IMO than configuring views to do it and slightly better performance - but that's a code rather than UI solution so YMMV.