On a site with the OpenLayers module, I noticed that a freshly created Aurora sub theme (corona based) breaks the OpenLayers map in a strange way. Bartik works just fine; just compare the images attached.

Does anyone understand what's going on here? I couldn't figure out how the OpenLayers markup works, but perhaps it some max-width rule somewhere?

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What are your JavaScript settings for your subtheme?

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Also, do you have source for that for me to look at?

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Thanks for looking into this.

All settings are default, so the info file says:

name =  mytheme
description =  mytheme theme based on the Aurora base theme.
core = 7.x
base theme = aurora

; Stylesheets
stylesheets[all][] = stylesheets/style.css

; Regions
regions[header]         = Header
regions[main_prefix]    = Main Region Prefix
regions[highlighted]    = Highlighted
regions[help]           = Help
regions[content]        = Content
regions[sidebar_first]  = Primary Sidebar
regions[sidebar_second] = Secondary Sidebar
regions[main_suffix]    = Main Region Suffix
regions[footer]         = Footer


; Chrome Frame Options
settings[aurora_enable_chrome_frame] = 1
settings[aurora_min_ie_support] = 10

; Miscelaneous Options
settings[aurora_remove_core_css] = 0
settings[aurora_html_tags] = 1
settings[aurora_typekit_id] = 0

; JavaScript Options
settings[aurora_footer_js] = 1
settings[aurora_libraries_head] = 0

; Toggle Display
settings[toggle_logo] = 1
settings[toggle_name] = 1
settings[toggle_slogan] = 0
settings[toggle_node_user_picture] = 0
settings[toggle_comment_user_picture] = 0
settings[toggle_comment_user_verification] = 1
settings[toggle_favicon] = 1
settings[toggle_breadcrumbs] = 0

; Development Options
settings[aurora_rebuild_registry] = 1
settings[aurora_livereload] = 0
settings[aurora_viewport_width] = 1
settings[aurora_modernizr_debug] = 1

; Experimental Options
settings['aurora_custom_js_handling'] = 0

I installed Modernizr 7.x-3.0-dev (today's build) and jQuery Update 7.x-2.3-alpha1. Switching from jQuery version 1.5 to 1.8 didn't solve the problem.

I am attaching the source of the page. (Just anonymized some strings containing the client name.) If you want, I can put it on a server and send you a personal message with the url.

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After digging in the source code some more, I found that:

  • the element #OpenLayers.Map_2_OpenLayers_Container has inline style width:100px
  • two levels down, there are 256x256 px images with class 'olTileImage' and inline style width:256%
  • those images are restricted by Aurora's (rather sensible) default max-width:100%

I was able to fix the problem using a simple CSS rule in my theme:

.olTileImage {
  max-width: none;

This works great for now, but I'm not sure what the real fix should be. I don't expect Aurora to include all kinds of exceptions and hard-coded classnames to support 3rd party libraries, but on the other hand, I guess we can't expect OpenLayers to change its map widget all of a sudden.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

If I am reading this correctly, then Aurora is working as it should by making images responsive. This seems like a weird thing for OpenLayers to do, but I dont see a way to "fix" it more than what you have already done. If there is a fix you can think of that is more comprehensive-- let us know. Until then, I will close this issue out.

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I think you are correct. Aurora is not broken. Open Layers is not broken either (although it's a bit weird). The two are just a little bit incompatible. Let's just hope people will find this thread when they need it.

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