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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

The first version of the MaPS System solution was developed in 2006 by Prem1um (Consulting agency
for Marketing, Publishing & Sales). MaPS System was founded in 2011 as a separate dedicated company and the editor of the solution.

The data management solution aims to centralize and optimize key business data (various product
information, digital assets, data from ERP, supplier and customer data) originating from multiple
databases and systems. This All-in-1 Solution centralizes the management of master data (MDM),
product information (PIM), digital resources (DAM), and contextualized web & print publications in one
integrated platform. Thanks to the set up of workflows, business processes can be fully automated. 

  • Master Data Management: one authoritative point of reference including all internal & external key
    data (suppliers, customers, products, employees, materials, points of sale, etc.) that are centralized,
    consolidated & synchronized within a unique and connected master repository, the entire company’s
    data structure as well as clear data streams are defined in the process.
  • Workflow Management: through dashboards and the automation of different workflows types
    (Business Process Management), the organizational data turns into actionable insight, allowing smart
  • Product Information Management: consistency throughout product information (prices, promotions,
    descriptions, instruction manuals etc.) which can be edited and contextualized by distribution channel,
    country and language (Multichannel Marketing). The clear thread of reliable product information
    optimizes the online and mobile navigation, user experience, and search engine.
  • Digital Asset Management: similar to a PIM, a DAM creates high coherency levels among large
    volumes of digital assets (texts, images, videos, etc.). It is possible to store, create, edit, index,
    change formats and distribute these creative assets while the management of usage rights ensures
    correct referencing for all publicly available visual content (Digital Rights Management).
  • Web and Print Publishing: The publication of product catalogs is automated and customized for Web
    Publishing (texts including product or service descriptions, digital content such as images or videos,
    etc.) and Print Publishing (print catalogs, brochures and flyers, product manuals, price sheets, etc.).

Drupal contributions

The company maintains or help maintaining some contributed modules:

It also provided a large number of patches for other contributed modules, like Entity Autocomplete, Data, Samara, Views Field View, Commerce Custom Order Status, Mail MIME, Field validation, Active menus and many more...

Projects supported

MaPS Auto config, MaPS Showcase, MaPS Cleaner