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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Since 2006, MaPS System software package, the solution for Multichannel Marketing Master Data Management Multicanal is the most complete solution on the European market. MaPS SA was created in October 1, 2011 to be the editor of the MaPS SYSTEM and to develop on European level a net of partners and integrator companies of the solution.

MaPS System Software is:

  • A Master Data Management solution, which also means data governance and includes reference data management.
  • A Multichannel publishing Platform: your data centralized in a single MaPS System can be published on your: websites, online shops, paper catalogs, POS advertising, mobile applications…
  • A marketing database which allows creating a product repository updated in real time, enriched by suppliers and business partners.

MaPS System uses Drupal as its main solution for Web and mobile display and for eCommerce.

Drupal contributions

The company maintains or help maintaining some contributed modules:

It also provided a large number of patches for other contributed modules, like Entity Autocomplete, Data, Samara, Views Field View, Commerce Custom Order Status, Mail MIME, Field validation, Active menus and many more...

Projects supported

MaPS Auto config, MaPS Showcase, MaPS Cleaner

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Phibo, Web Developper

On for 6 years 2 months

danielrico, Webdesigner - front end developer

On for 2 years 10 months
Contributor to MaPS Admin

Fonski, Web developer

On for 2 years 10 months
Contributor to MaPS Suite, MaPS Commerce, MaPS Cleaner, and 2 more

Ponsifiax, Lead developer - Project manager

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On for 1 year 1 month
Contributor to MaPS Suite, MaPS Showcase, MaPS Commerce