I've got the latest version of the ckeditor and ckeditor module. I am only able to include images by linking to them.

How would I go about uploading the images instead?


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I can't seem to find "File browser settings" in
Administration panel > Configuration > Content Authoring > CKEditor section

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Yes, it's a bit strange. File upload is not part of CKEditor.

Take a look at adding:

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Default file manager for CKEditor from same developer is CKFinder, but not free licensed. Use IMCE , its recomended for free using.


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Thanks guys

I am sort of getting somewhere.

Disabling the "Dynamic display block" module allowed me to see the "File browser settings"

So now, when I try to opload the image....

Image Info -> Browser Server

I get this error message

The requested page "/sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckfinder/ckfinder.html?Type=Images&id=Full&CKEditor=edit-body-value&CKEditorFuncNum=3&langCode=en-gb" could not be found.

And when I try:

Upload -> Browse -> Send it to the Server

I get this error message:

Image Source URL is missing.

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Should I just try IMCE instead?

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Thanks guys.

Ok, so I installed the IMCE module. It then required both IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge, which requires Wysiwyg. Both of which I've now installed and enabled.

Should I now disable the CKEditor module?

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If you have installed the CKeditor module, then you don't need the Wysiwyg Bridge - you can enable IMCE for file uploads directly within the CKeditor configuration. I wrote some things to check in the comments to http://drupal.org/node/1772978.

Actually, the bit about giving administer IMCE permissions to everyone is wrong. You have to tailor the profiles in admin/config/media/imce for different user roles.

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Thanks for that.

I am still getting the "Image source URL is missing" error after trying to Upload an image:

Image Properties - Upload - browse - open - Send it to the Server - OK

I've now disabled the following modules:
IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge

And the modules enabled are:

I am logged in as an administrator.

The administrator is set to use the Sample profile (in admin/config/media/imce).
In common settings for "Enable inline image/file insertion into plain textareas " I've got:
edit-body, body

What am I missing?

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In Image properties, clicking on Browse Server gives me the following error:

The requested page "/sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckfinder/ckfinder.html?Type=Images&id=Advanced&CKEditor=edit-body-value&CKEditorFuncNum=3&langCode=en-au" could not be found.

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I am now able to upload images to the server in the default/files/pictures directory and then select them via the interface "Image properties - image Info - Browse Server"

However, I would still like an Upload uption in the interface.

What am I missing?

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I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but the Insert Module is easy to use and you upload the image. The only thing is that it's not in the interface of the CKEditor Module

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The Upload button should be on the left of the toolbar in the browser window that you get when you click "Browse Server." It's a two-step process - you upload the file and then click "Insert File" once it's added to the file list (I think at the bottom).

If the button is not there, then you have probably not set permissions in the IMCE profiles properly yet. The quickest way of doing that is to make sure your account has "Administer IMCE" permissions in the main permissions list. However, I think you are meant to set them in the configuration profiles within admin/config/media/imce.

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Oh Dear!!!!

The Upload button should be on the left of the toolbar in the browser window that you get when you click "Browse Server."

Found it!!!

Thank you so much!!!

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In Drupal 7 your experience is very typical. Every time I have to install a fresh Drupal 7 I am again shocked that a WYSIWYG editor is not included, and fight to get it all working together. Thankfully, at last, in Drupal 8, a WYSIWYG editor should be in core.

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This might be an answer too: CKEditor Insert.

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Watch this YouTube video...it worked perfectly and no code hacking. I spent 2 days going everywhere and trying everything until I found this fix!