Is the latest version of the CKEditor code supported with CKEditor 6.x-1.13 (Drupal Code 6.26)? I upgraded CKEditor on my test system, installing it to sites/all/libraries. Initially, the rich-text editing field did not show up at all. When I checked the CKEditor configuration, it indicated that the 'kama' skin and the 'tableresize' plugin were not found. It looks like just going into the CKEditor configuration caused the rich-text edit field to show up but only a limited set of buttons are available and they are a rather drab grey. All the 3.6.3 buttons appear in the CKEditor profile configurations. suggests success using the dev version. However, it looks like the author of this issue decided to revert back to 3.6.3. I checked the link to the dev changelog but the link appears to be broken.

I have attached screenshots of the 4.0.1 and 3.6.3 toolbars.
Thanks, Norbert

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In reverting back to CKEditor 3.6.3, I had the same problem where the rich-text edit window did not appear. Clearing the Drupal cache resolved the problem, which suggests that fiddling with the CKEditor configuration (mentioned above) was not what got the rich-text edit field to appear when I tested with CKEditor 4.0.1.

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CKEditor 4 has it's own addon's (plugins & skins) and CKBuilder system. Now it's up to you which plugins and skins you download with editor from In this way you can adjust CKEditor library more to your needs. You can also download ready presets which have different set of plugins. Please remember that Kama skin is not added to presets so you can add it only with CKBuilder during building your custom CKEditor package.
We are working on documentation to clarify this.

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@michal_cksource, thanks for the update! I will stick with CKEditor 3.6.6 for the moment and read up on CKBuilder.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

CKBuilder is really simple, just select the full package (for example), add or remove any plugins you want, select skin and languages and click "Download".

Feel free to reopen the ticket in case of any problems.