hey there,

I noticed there's a string in the results page that's really, really hard to translate.

if you see lines 39-41 of quiz-report-form.tpl.php:

	      <?php print t('Score')?>
		  <?php print drupal_render($sub_form['score'])?>
		  <?php print t('of') .' '. $sub_form['max_score']['#value']?>

the 'Score' bit is OK, but translating 'of' with the current Translate interface is next to impossible.

I resorted to duplicating and editing the TPL, but isn't there an easier way? would you be willing to change that into something like 'Score @score of @total_score'? that would be a nice improvement!

thanks in advance,


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This issue is being closed because it was filed against a version that is no longer supported. If the issue still persists in the latest version of Quiz, please open a new issue.