When testing an update from CKEditor 3 to 4, I am noticing that the Drupal overlay gets wider and wider. I have flushed browser cache and Drupal cache to make sure updated javascript is being loaded. I am viewing this in Chrome 23.0.1271.101 and Safari. It is producing a horizontal scroll as well. See the screenshots below. Thanks.

Content overlay

overlay content

CKEditor 3 overlay


CKEditor 4 overlay



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I noticed that CKEditor 3 also had horizontal scrollbar behavior at low enough of a resolution, so I guess that isn't really an issue.

I'm now seeing the overlay modal getting cut off though. Happens in latest Chrome and Safari but not Firefox 18.0. This is on a 13" Macbook Pro at 1280x800:

ckeditor 4 cut off

Anyone else seeing this behavior?

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It appears now this is directly related to the Moono default skin in CKEditor4. If I download a package with Kama as default, this issue does not happen.

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thank you for noticing that.
Please remember that you can always set editor width according to your needs.
You can do this by using http://docs.ckeditor.com/#!/api/CKEDITOR.config-cfg-width setting in "Custom JavaScript configuration " option in CKEditor Profile configuration option or add it ckeditor.config.js file.

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@michael_cksource - I am setting the width to 70%, which does work to set the editor width, but in Chrome or Safari, it still pushes the overlay out. You can test this and it is related to the moono skin CSS. Thanks.

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@vinmassaro ,
ok we try check this as soon as possible.

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Good evening from Eudlo Australia. I too am having a similar problem in that no matter how i modify the buttons on the toolbar in the config, the overlay doesn't show up in the overlay when I want to add content. This was OK with version 3 but following instructions we upgraded to 4 and got the Moono skin. How do I get the kama skin package and install it as above. Does this fix the issue described? Cheers Griffo

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Do you see any JavaScript errors in the error console / Firebug etc?
You can build a package with Kama skin using CKEditor builder

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I haven't had a chance to test the CKEditor nightly yet to see if this is fixed. @mkesicki, can you provide a status update? Not sure if this has been logged as a bug in the CKeditor bug tracker. Thanks.